Here’s Exactly How to Get Into Stanford University’s School of Medicine

                    January 29, 2020

                    Established in 1908, the Stanford University School of Medicine is one of the most highly-regarded medical programs in the country: It ranked third in the country for best medical schools in the 2020 rankings ...

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                    Family and Former Coach Acted Inappropriately, Not USD, in Admissions Scam

                    August 29, 2019

                    Zak Harris, an InGenius Prep counselor and Former Admissions Officer from Johns Hopkins, Bowdoin, GW, and more, analyzes how schools are responding to the admissions scandal …

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                    How to Avoid Medical School Rejection…Again: The Reapplicant’s Guide

                    May 7, 2019

                    Medical school applications are physically, emotionally, and financially draining. It is completely natural to be disheartened if you are rejected on your first try. What’s next? You might re-evaluate your career goals, question everything …

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                    College Admissions Has a Fact-Checking Problem. Here’s Why.

                    March 24, 2019

                    All Olivia Jade had to do was send a photo of herself on a rowing machine. Why did nobody double check that she was a legitimate college recruit? ...

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                    College Admissions Scandal Exposes Need for Change, Experts Say

                    March 17, 2019

                    Operation Varsity Blues did more than expose the illegal means that rich parents, some of them famous, used to get their children admitted to Yale University, the University of Southern California and other elite colleges ...

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                    Former Yale Admissions Counselor ‘Alarmed' by Bribery Scam

                    March 13, 2019

                    Susan Shifflett, a former Assistant Director of Admissions at Yale University and InGenius Prep counselor, discuss the largest admissions scandal in history with ABC News ...

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                    Dozens Charged in College Admissions Scandal

                    March 12, 2019

                    Susan Shifflett, a Former Assistant Director of Admissions at Yale University and InGenius Prep Counselor, shares her first reactions to the college admissions scandal ...

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                    InGenius Prep on CNBC's Power Lunch

                    August 30, 2018

                    Susan Shifflett, former Yale University Assistant Director of Admissions and InGenius Prep Counselor, joins the ‘Power Lunch’ team to discuss the discrimination issues regarding the college admissions process ...

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                    8 Ways to Make a “Typical Premed” Activities Exceptional

                    June 11, 2018

                    Prospective business school students have some big decisions to make before submitting applications. They must figure out when to apply, where to apply and – one of the most important decisions ...

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                    Non-Academic Ideas to Boost Your Med School Chances

                    March 28, 2018

                    At this point, you are probably already aware of how competitive medical school admissions are. For instance, you may already know that the most competitive med schools boast acceptance rates ...

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                    U.S. News Data: Admissions Trends at Top Public Colleges

                    September 28, 2017

                    When Noah Greenfield LAW ’16 and Joel Butterly LAW ’16 sat next to one another at their law school orientation in the fall of 2012, neither expected to ...

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                    See How Stanford Overtook Harvard as the Most Selective College in the US

                    April 8, 2017

                    Boston, New York City, somewhere in California — all were contenders to be the home of a small start-up looking to make a big name for itself. The founders of InGenius Prep, a college admissions prep company..

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                    Five Essential Lessons On Training Newly Hired Employees

                    July 26, 2016

                    InGenius Prep started with a couple kids in a New Haven apartment. We had no business experience, money or employees. The next year would bring innumerable challenges: websites, CRMs, marketing ...

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                    12 Common Misconceptions Startup Founders Have About Employee Management

                    July 22, 2016

                    Managing an employee or group of employees goes beyond providing them instructions and hoping for the best. While you shouldn't have to do much hand-holding ...

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                    Five Important Insights For Entrepreneurs Doing Business In China

                    July 8, 2016

                    “Where are the power outlets?” The flight attendant stared at me blankly. “I’m sorry sir, there is only one outlet, and it is right next to the bathroom.” At 2:00 a.m., I was three hours into a 14-hour flight, and my ...

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                    For Fourth Year in a Row, Stanford Beats Harvard's Admissions Rate

                    April 8, 2016

                    In the current race to the bottom that is the acceptance rates of elite colleges, Stanford has taken top prize—admitting a lower percentage of applicants than Harvard for the fourth year in a row ...

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                    Explore Top Business Schools This Summer While in High School

                    March 23, 2016

                    As a rising high school senior in 2012, Brandy Pe?a wasn't sure what she would do after graduation. The now-21-year-old wanted to attend college, but she says it was rare for residents of her hometown of La Joya, ..

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                    How To Consistently Hire The Right People For Your Startup

                    March 9, 2016

                    I don’t really believe in job interviews. It’s not that there isn’t valuable information to be gathered in an interview; it’s simply that I’ve never conducted an interview where I felt more confident about an applicant’s qualifications after two ...

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                    Forever a Student: 11 Types of Courses That Prepare You for the Future of Business

                    February 25, 2016

                    The entrepreneurs at YEC share their sources for learning. Take a crash course on these business subjects to fill your knowledge gaps. It may have been years since you've been in school for finance or ...

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                    Code Crackers Find Elm City InGenius

                    February 12, 2016

                    If it seems like gaining acceptance into selective colleges seems harder today than a decade ago, that's because it is. And at a dizzying pace. Harvard and Stanford reject nearly 95% of the students ...

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                    Decide Between the GMAT, GRE as an MBA Applicant

                    January 25, 2015

                    Prospective business school students have some big decisions to make before submitting applications. They must figure out when to apply, where to apply and ...

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                    Law Students Launch Admissions Prep Company

                    April 25, 2014

                    Getting admitted to a top public college is becoming tougher, as applicant pools grow and average acceptance rates fall. That's one finding of an analysis of data ...

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